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Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka J0S 1W0

Tel. : (450) 373-9614

Arcade Machine Repair

Les Amusements Turmel is a company specialised in the troubleshooting of arcade machines of any kind.

Located in Saint-Stanislas-de-Kostka, we work over a large area, including Montreal and the municipalities of the South and North Shore.

About us

Réparation de machine arcade de tous genres Rive-Nord

The history of our company begins in 1964, when we opened our first pool hall. By the 1970s, we extended our business activities to the repair of arcade machines of all types. Today, we have thousands of clients who are happy with our services.

Individuals, gaming rooms managers and any owner of entertainment machines can contact us in order to benefit from a quick, efficient and personalised repair service.

Today, we have thousands of clients happy with our services

All kinds of repair

We carry out all kinds of repair on a wide variety of arcade machines, such as:

  • jukeboxes
  • pinball machines
  • vintage videogames

Our company itself guarantees to search for and provide replacement parts.We already have a broad stock of pieces and accessories allowing an immediate replacement in the majority of cases. We are thus recognised for our know-how in the repair of billiard pools.

Réparation de machine arcade de tous genres Montréal

Just trust us, we are experts in the repair of machine arcades!